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Affordable for charities, insightful for streamers
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Top streamers from our latest campaign to help Elephants 🐘
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Fair Fees for Charities
Fana doesn't charge charities any membership fees for using our platform, meaning they're not stuck having to offset thousands in joining fees just for fundraising!
Fraud protection
100% of net donations sent directly to charity
Insight into Impact
‍Fana connects you to your donation's impact, down to specific projects and donation goals. We work closely with our charities to provide you extra details on the kind of work you're helping to support, and quantify your potential donation into goals.
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Creator Tools
Fana provides live support, readymade stream assets, and even our very own Twitch bot so you can focus on entertaining. Our !fana chatbot can answer all your community’s questions about Fana, the charity you're supporting, and more!
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Recently Supported Charities:
Tusk Trust charity logo
Tusk Trust
Tusk supports innovative wildlife conservation projects throughout Africa.
charity: water charity logo
charity: water
We're on a mission to bring clean water to the 703 million people living without it.
Cheetah Conservation Fund charity logo
Cheetah Conservation Trust
Cheetah Conservation Fund is dedicated to saving the cheetah in the wild.
Cool Earth charity logo
Cool Earth
Cool Earth works with Indigenous peoples and locals to protect rainforest.

Is Fana legitimate?


Absolutely! Even though we're new, we've got some big-league partner charities that have raised billions and have tons of supporters. Rest assured, we're all about honesty and doing things right as we kick off this off, so if you have any concerns or questions just let us know.

Fana Impact Foundation, Inc. is our very own tax-exempt 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization with the sole purpose of granting funds raised through designated Fana fundraising campaigns to various charitable organizations.

Do you support giveaways?


Yes, we help streamers finance giveaways so they can spread the love to their awesome supporters. Streamers have the freedom to choose what they want to give away, making it extra special for their community. And of course, we’re always here to chat about all the options available.

Are there fees?


Rest assured, when you donate through Fana, 100% of net donations go directly to the charity - no hidden fees. Unlike other platforms, we don't charge charities hefty upfront fees. Instead, we have a transparent model with a modest technology and services fee - typically the amount Fana makes from this less than 10% of the donation amount.
This means we can support smaller charities who can’t afford upfront membership fees, and our charities only pay us based on their success. Simple and fair for everyone involved.

Why not just give to the charity?


Donating to charities in any form is still a great thing, but as part of our service we provide:
1. Insight: We work closely with our charities to provide specific examples of the kind of work your donation supports— insight difficult to find elsewhere.
2. Tech and Tools: We're always developing tools like our Fana chat bot to simplify streaming for content creators, freeing them up to focus on entertaining.
3. Access for Charities: Not many charities are familiar with streaming, and even fewer have the resources to tap into it for fundraising. We bridge that gap by doing this work for them, pairing charities with streamers for new opportunities for fundraising.

What's the Fana card?


The Fana card is a UK-based debit card that automatically donates 1% of your spending to charities on your behalf. This initiative was the original reason for curating our list of charities and putting in the work to provide insight into their actions — we wanted to ensure that the funds generated by this product go to worthy causes.
Fana streaming shares this roster of trusted charities and the curated knowledge and experience we've gathered, allowing viewers to contribute to the same causes. This creates a bigger combined impact and re-uses the research and work done to find the best possible charities.

If you're in the UK, be sure to check it out!